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Enriching the patient experience through the use of technology

With increasing competition among health carehealthcare providers, and the burden on their bottom line tighter than ever before, it has become the new normal for health carehealthcare institutions to focus and value the patient experience. The patient experience can prove to be a game changer in helping your organization to differentiate itself […] Read More

Healthcare Organizations Can Protect Themselves With Improved Cybersecurity

In order to further improve and simplify our lives and our businesses, we are going all out to incorporate as many technological innovations to improve our operations and processes. By trying to incorporate new technology without fully understanding the potential consequences of our decision, we are left vulnerable to issues such as compromised […] Read More

Common Interview Questions Epic Analysts Are Asked In Interviews

The demand for Epic certified specialists is growing by the day. Epic’s software leads the healthcare industry and is expected to play an even vital role in the future. The driving force behind this demand is of course the increasing use of Epic Systems Software in major healthcare firms and the complexity of actually becoming Epic certified. Read More

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Making an Impact in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is advancing swiftly in ways we could hardly have imagined a few years ago. Thanks to technology breakthroughs in AI and Big Data research, we now have the kind of systems that once were only part of our imagination. Now, we have AI in the form of voice powered assistants in our mobile phones and data-mining robots […] Read More

Weekly Round-up: Healthcare Digital Transformation, National Health IT Agenda Update And More!

Lots have been happening this week in the world of Healthcare IT. HIMSS17 might be over, but there’s a lot to talk about in the wake of the Health IT 2017 conference. Read More

Weekly Jobs Spotlight: Epic ADT, Cerner Analyst, Benefits Analyst, and more!

  Healthcare IT Consulting Here are the IT consulting opportunities we're highlighting this week. To apply for any of these jobs, go here or email  Read More

How To Keep Your Business Safe From Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware, it sounds like quite a threatening term – because it is. In layman terms, a Ransomware is a malicious piece of software that’s programmed to infect computer systems. These ‘viruses’ often go undetected into a hard drive of a system triggered by an unintentional email link or suspicious files. Read More

Healthcare IT Industry: 3 Reasons why Epic software is in high demand

It’s no surprise that a considerable number of healthcare institutions in the United States have either switched or are in process of getting their systems transitioned to Epic based software. The Epic system being much more of a robust and easy-to-integrate solution, allows scalability options like no other. Read More

Healthcare IT Workforce Planning: The Need to Find Big Data Professionals

Healthcare IT companies are finding it hard to figure out a long-term solution for their lack of ‘Big Data professionals’ problem. The search for these big data experts is on the rise and in great demand – experts with in-demand skills like optimizing EHRs systems and data analytics to name a few. Read More
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